Employee Engagement Ideas that Increase Retention

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It’s important for companies to understand why employees choose to stay in their positions if the companies want to increase employee engagement and retention. According to an eLearning Industry article, the most important reasons employees stay with their organization aside from their salary and benefits package include a smooth onboarding experience, supportive company culture, job satisfaction, personalized online training, advancement opportunities, and effective team dynamics.

The first thing a company can do is provide a successful, engaging onboarding program. In fact, a Forbes study indicates that 69% of new employees are more likely to stay a minimum of three years if they enjoy their onboarding process. Additionally, the top 20% of companies with the highest engagement rate experience a 59% reduction in employee turnover. Therefore, employee engagement makes sense financially for any industry.

We’re Turning, and our learning engagement platform, Dojo360, is the perfect solution for companies looking to increase employee engagement.

How does Turning’s e³ philosophy increase employee engagement?

It’s actually in the name—our e³ philosophy focuses on equity, evidence, and engagement. Equity happens when each employee can access the same onboarding and further development training equally. The Dojo360 learning engagement platform meets or exceeds WCAG accessibility standards, ensuring that all employees will have an equitable experience when using the learning platform. Evidence, in the form of detailed reports, is provided so that instructors and team leaders can identify where an employee is in their onboarding or advanced learning process, how well they are engaging with the content, and where they may need a bit of personalized attention. 

Our attention to engagement within the Dojo360 learning platform is multifaceted. First, we make it easy to create interesting content with embedded audio, video, polling, and quizzes. Then we make it easy to integrate our learning platform with many of the LMSs you may be using, enabling gamification elements like achievement badges, leaderboards, or a point system that leads to defined rewards. Our employee engagement ideas work from home or the workplace.

How can our organization use upskilling to increase retention?

Employee training requires individualization. The first thing you can do to lower attrition rates and increase employee performance is to launch personalized learning plans. Each employee should have the opportunity to pursue their own path based on their roles, duties, and future goals. Their personal dashboard gives them the evidence they need to support efforts at promotion or lateral movement. 

Some employees may need a bit of motivation to participate in upskilling and reskilling courses. Gamification badges provide that motivation as well as give managers the ability to track an employee’s performance and overall progress. The key is to align each badge with a specific behavior or skill development milestone. The badges also allow employees to motivate others by displaying them in their work area in a pleasing format.

Friendly competition can also be fueled using leaderboards. This groups employees who are taking the same training and indicates the progress of each one compared to others. Employees should be grouped on leaderboards by experience level so that newer employees do not get overwhelmed by employees who have reached much higher achievements.

Another way to improve employee retention is by encouraging social learning support. Use the message boards available on Dojo360 to allow employees to create user-generated content. Give employees access to message boards focused on specific skills or competencies so they can upskill with the assistance of their more experienced employees.

How can my company leverage Dojo360 to gather actionable insights?

Instructors or team leaders can use the detailed reports provided by Dojo360 to identify any patterns that may indicate an issue with the online training program or skill-building support library. Reports and data visualization allow you to gather the insight you need to onboard and upskill employees so you can continue to cultivate their talents rather than having to replace them on a regular basis.

Dojo360 can help you with all of your employee engagement efforts. We invite you to learn more about Dojo 360’s specific features. We believe that you will choose it to increase employee engagement and retention in your company.

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