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“Employee compliance” is a vague term that can take on many meanings, and your organization is responsible for keeping track of all of them. For example, cybersecurity and ethics training fall under the compliance umbrella for every organization, while certain industries such as healthcare must invest in compliance training for employees due to legal regulations. Many professionals in the finance sector also need continuing education credits to maintain their licensure, adding another wrinkle to employee compliance.

It's a lot to keep track of, but thankfully you don't have to do it alone. Dojo360 is a learning engagement platform built by the experts at Turning to elevate online and hybrid learning to the next level. It helps your admins keep track of enrollment and performance while giving learners a memorable educational experience that can help them reach their goals. Please keep reading to learn more about how our e³ philosophy of equity, evidence, and engagement can make a positive impact on your organization's online compliance training program.

What Benefits Can Employee Compliance Offer for My Organization?

If your idea of compliance training for employees is providing the bare minimum to check it off of your to-do list, your program won't offer any benefits at all. However, a truly excellent online compliance training program can improve company morale, help team members know what to do if they suspect dishonesty or harassment at work, mitigate any damaging legal proceedings involving your organization, and improve workplace productivity.

What Separates a Great Employee Compliance Training Program from a Mediocre One?

Engaging your employees is often one of the biggest challenges associated with employee compliance training, but Dojo360 offers several tools to help. For example, instructors can type a video's URL directly into courses to incorporate content on sites such as YouTube to break up dull explanations of safety protocols and other dry topics. Likewise, inline quizzes can be inserted into lessons to both promote engagement and give instructors the evidence they need to intervene if learners aren't picking up the material. Dojo360 also includes gamification elements such as social learning and live leaderboards to encourage learners to engage with courses.

Speaking of enrollments, our platform makes it as intuitive as possible. Instructors can use a drag-and-drop interface to enroll learners in the courses they need based on their personalized learning trajectory. For instance, you can sign up your entire accounting department for a course on new financial regulations with just a few clicks or take it one by one. Either way, attendance is automatically recorded and assessment scores are sent to an intuitive dashboard for easy sorting.

Compliance training for employees has to be accessible to every team member, and Dojo360 has you covered there too. We are proud to meet or exceed all WCAG 2.0 guidelines, so learners with hearing or visual impairments will enjoy equal access to everything their colleagues get. Likewise, our platform makes it easy for every learner to share feedback with their instructor to ensure equity for all.

Can My Employee Compliance Training Be Conducted Entirely Online?

It could, but statistics suggest that a blended learning model would be better. According to a 2021 Gallup survey, 52% of employees reported that their employee compliance training was entirely web-based, but only 17% of them rated their experience as “excellent.” Workers who received in-person employee compliance training or a blended model had an excellent experience nearly 30% of the time, suggesting that they got much more out of it.

Dojo360 supports both synchronous and asynchronous courses, allowing you to schedule live classes where employees can interact with each other and their instructor just as they could in person. Communication tools such as a virtual whiteboard and live chat can help remote learners feel like part of the organization. Breakaway rooms even allow learners to work in smaller groups without disrupting the entire class. These classes are also recorded, allowing asynchronous learners to watch them back on-demand on their favorite mobile devices. Attendees can also go back for a refresher whenever they wish.

When “good enough” training isn't good enough, Dojo360 is the learning engagement platform you're looking for. Book a demo right now and see all of its features in action for yourself!

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