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Digital learning is revolutionizing the way businesses work. To be more specific, it is changing the way they train employees. In a modern, digitalized world where time and productivity are money, businesses worldwide are seeking better, more efficient ways to train and educate employees while improving their business development strategies.

The best way to do this is through digital learning because it offers the most cost-effective and quickest way to transfer knowledge and new skills.

The best learning engagement platform to use for next-level online corporate training is Dojo360. It has everything you need to create course content that is engaging and timely. It also seamlessly integrates with a variety of LMS options. Continue reading to learn specific features of Dojo360 that you can leverage when designing the best online corporate training.

What are the best features for next-level online corporate training?

Dojo360 offers a high-quality corporate training solution through the following capabilities:

  1. Remote learning

    Your employees can access learning any time from anywhere. A user-friendly, continuous learning experience regardless of location is a huge plus. It allows employees to train from the office or from home, or even while traveling. Dojo360 also meets WCAG standards of accessibility so every employee is able to access and get the same value from the training materials.

  2. Social learning

    With Dojo360, you can offer social assessment opportunities to employees as well as the ability to share user-generated content. You can use group discussions, chat rooms, and other peer-to-peer activities as part of an online learning community.

  3. Content customization

    With Dojo360, you can create unique, relevant content, offering personalized learning paths for teams or individual employees. You can manage your training materials around your unique business needs. This includes the ability to customize the design of the learning environment including the login page and the user dashboards.

  4. Microlearning

    The content creation possible with Dojo360 includes the ability to create small, bite-sized lessons that deal with one topic, one skill, or one piece of important information. This is often useful in the middle of a larger program or when an employee only needs to refresh themselves on a small piece of their process, such as when they return from a vacation or when a process has been updated.

  5. Gamification

    Dojo360 gives you the ability to incorporate gaming elements like badges, awards, leaderboards, and contests to motivate your employees into interactive learning. A study by The eLearning Guild indicates that learners who take part in a gamified online learning experience score higher on assessments and have higher retention rates than their peers who do not use gamification.

  6. Intuitive User Interface

    Dojo360 has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find the courses, modules, and assessments each user is assigned. They can easily find the next segment once they have completed another segment, and features like discussion boards and leaderboards are intuitive.

  7. Rich multimedia

    Dojo360 allows the use of text, images, recordings, screencasts, webinars, and videos, and supports different content formats including PDFs, Google Docs, video files, HTML, PowerPoint, and more. Content creators can make exciting, next-level multimedia presentations that keep employees' attention as they learn.

  8. Advanced reporting

    Dojo360 provides detailed reporting on each student's online training activity, scores, course progression, and the overall completion rates of employees. This can be used in a number of ways. HR can track the overall effectiveness of the training program and make changes where it makes sense. Instructors can track the progress of individuals and intervene early on where there seems to be trouble to get them back on track.

We're Turning, and we're excited about how Dojo360 is working for business' corporate training programs. We're happy to invite you to learn more about Dojo360 and how it can level up your employee training programs and learn how our e³ philosophy can cover all the bases of online learning for every one of your employees.

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