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Engaged employees can offer many benefits to an organization. They are likely to put forth their best efforts on a routine basis, generating measurable results that you can’t get with a disinterested team. Likewise, engaged employees are more likely to stick with their current employer, saving their company the expenses of hiring and onboarding. An engaged team can even help recruit qualified external candidates to join your organization. One of the best ways to drive employee engagement is to offer training programs that meet their needs, and we can help with that. 

We are Turning, the educational experts behind Dojo360: the most powerful learning engagement platform available on the market today. Our e³ philosophy consists of three core tenets to help all types of learners get more out of education and training: equity, evidence, and engagement. Equity simply means that all learners need to enjoy the same access to training and upskilling opportunities regardless of their department or any learning differences. Evidence means that decisions are based on empirical data, not hunches. Engagement means that employees are undergoing training because they want to, not because of a corporate mandate. Dojo360 is designed to exemplify all three of these beliefs and empower both learners and instructors to concentrate on the core drivers of employee engagement. 

How can I Drive Employee Engagement?

Learning and Development (L&D) professionals have long understood the importance of employee engagement to the success of their programs, and the COVID-19 pandemic provided plenty of opportunities to discover what works well and what doesn’t. The following list highlights some of the key drivers of employee engagement as well as how Dojo360 can help bring them to life:

  1. Personalized Training
  2. A one-size-fits-all approach to employee training might be easier to implement from a corporate perspective, but learners want to be treated as individuals as opposed to cogs in a machine. Dojo360 allows admins to create personalized learning paths where each learner is free to pursue their areas of interest, whether that means a refresher course on sales training or upskilling opportunities to prepare for a possible promotion. Everything can be managed in a centralized hub as well, minimizing the confusion that could otherwise be associated with personalized training programs. 

  3. Collaboration
  4. Human beings are social animals and remote training can feel isolating, especially if learners know that some of their colleagues are receiving in-person instruction. Dojo360 includes several features to help learners communicate with one another to promote team-building and growth, including virtual meeting rooms, live chat, virtual whiteboards, and the ability to share work with peers. Working together can foster engagement, but competition can drive employee engagement as well. Dojo360 supports gamification elements like live updates and accomplishment badges to help your team members push each other to greater heights. 

  5. Synchronous and Asynchronous Options
  6. Synchronous training entails concurrent instruction while asynchronous training means that learners are working independently. Both offer several advantages, and the best way to drive employee engagement is to mix them. Dojo360 allows instructors to conduct live meetings anywhere with a reliable internet connection, providing a synchronous element that many remote training options lack. Instructors can also set up self-paced assignments for learners to complete on their own time. These asynchronous options give learners autonomy over their training, helping them feel more invested in the eventual outcome. 

  7. Maximal Accessibility
  8. Dojo360 meets or exceeds all WCAG 2.0 standards, ensuring all learners have equal opportunities for personal and professional growth. Meetings are also recorded for future reference, allowing attendees to go back for on-demand review while those who couldn’t make it receive the same standard of training. The resulting equity encourages team members to think of themselves as one cohesive unit as opposed to separate groups, making it easier to pursue goals as a group. 

How Can Online Training Software Drive Employee Engagement?

Many learners mentally check out if an instructor seems to be droning on and on, so Dojo360 allows instructors to incorporate exercises and interactive activities into their lessons to promote engagement. Learners can also provide real-time feedback to their instructors to help them improve their courses going forward. Dojo360 even tabulates learner performance on performance tests and makes the results accessible on a convenient dashboard, giving instructors the evidence they need to effectively intervene if a learner starts falling behind. 

We’re confident that Dojo360 is the answer to all of your organization’s employee engagement needs and invite you to learn more about it if you aren’t yet convinced. Start driving employee engagement today!

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