DEI Training and the Value It Provides to Organizations

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The best organizations engage all of their employees and take advantage of the multiple perspectives offered by people from different backgrounds and cultures, but establishing a conducive environment for this isn’t easy. All team members want to be heard, but unconscious biases and thought processes frequently lead to certain groups of employees being completely ignored. Many businesses, educational institutions, governmental entities, and nonprofits are investing in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training (or DEI training for short) to address this issue, but only 36% of organizations believe that their DEI training has been effective according to a Gartner survey

This is terrible from a human resources perspective because so many employees are relegated to the sidelines, but it has organizational costs as well. Global Diversity Practice statistics suggest that diverse teams make better decisions than homogeneous ones 87 percent of the time, to say nothing of the money that can be saved from higher employee retention rates and reduced discrimination and harassment lawsuits. If you want to incorporate diversity and inclusion training into your organization’s culture, Turning has created a powerful learning engagement platform called Dojo360 that can deliver real results. The secret to its success is our e³ philosophy of equity, evidence, and engagement. 

What Does a DEI Training Program Need to Make a Real Difference?

The topics covered by a typical DEI training course can be difficult to talk about, and people with different opinions frequently refuse to engage with traditional classroom training on the topic at all. A learning engagement platform such as Dojo360 can make it easier to have these difficult conversations and discover the root causes behind any marginalized groups in your organization. 

Our platform also includes several features that help facilitate diversity and inclusion training. For example, live remote classes allow your entire organization to listen to the same guest lecturer, while personal meeting spaces facilitate one-on-one conversations and role-play scenarios that help team members put what they are learning into practice. All of this content is accessible on-demand as well, ensuring that asynchronous learners receive the same opportunities as the rest of your organization. The “e” in “DEI” stands for equity, so you’ll come off as a hypocrite if you don’t provide equal access to all of your team members. 

Likewise, our platform provides all of the tools you need to collect evidence that your DEI training is working. Instructors can build assessments directly into their courses to measure learner progress and receive an alert if a given learner is struggling with something. Attendance is also taken automatically, allowing you to take corrective action if a team member isn’t participating. Learners can give feedback on their lessons both in the moment and via post-course surveys, allowing you to evaluate who is benefitting from the training and any areas that may warrant another look. 

Once you have the results, you can post them to an organization-wide message board to show your team the fruits of their hard work. Some of the information you might want to consider including are course completion rates, employee turnover rates for marginalized or underrepresented populations, and ideas that have been implemented across your organization. One of the biggest potential pitfalls of diversity, equity, and inclusion training is having no way to measure the results, and we’ve solved that issue. 

Is Diversity and Inclusion Training Right for My Organization?

Organizations from SMBs to enterprises can benefit from DEI training, so investing in it is a best practice for any organization. Another advantage of Dojo360 is that it’s highly scalable, so all of your learners will be able to access content as you grow. We’ve streamlined course creation as well, allowing instructors to import PowerPoint presentations and integrate with learning management systems as your needs change. Our platform also meets or exceeds all WCAG 2.0 guidelines, ensuring equity in access to upskilling and training opportunities.

We’re very proud of Dojo360 and encourage you to explore Dojo360’s features in further detail. We think it’s just the tool you need to turn DEI training into a competitive advantage for your organization!

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