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If you were to search the internet for prepackaged eLearning courses, you would find hundreds of results. It may seem like the perfect solution to your educational or training needs. But the fact is, any eLearning tool that claims to be one-size-fits-all is going to provide more headaches than solutions. A better option is to develop eLearning courses that are specifically designed to fit the requirements and structure of your organization. This way, your eLearning solution prioritizes the areas and skills that need to be addressed without any compromise in the quality of the content.

We’re Turning, and our Dojo360 learning engagement platform is perfectly suited to developing your own customized eLearning solutions, whether you’re looking for K12, higher education, or employee training programs. 

How can custom eLearning solutions train learners better?

Being able to customize your eLearning programs allows you to focus on your target audience. Any off-the-shelf education or training program will have gaps that you’ll need to fill in some way. If you build your eLearning solution from the ground up, you can conduct a target audience analysis and design a bespoke eLearning solution for optimum results.

Turning’s e³ philosophy sets you up for success as you develop customized eLearning solutions for your organization. E³ stands for equity, evidence, and engagement. With this formula for learning in the new normal, Dojo360 accommodates learners in an equitable, engaging, and effective manner. We provide a learning engagement platform that allows the learner and instructor to engage where, when, and how they want. 

Equity is important so that all learners have the same learning experience. Because Dojo360 meets or exceeds WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), all users have the same ability to ask questions, participate in discussions, and collaborate on projects with other users. Students who are learning asynchronously have the same access as learners who are taking a live course. Customized eLearning through Dojo360 allows you to make any adaptations necessary for your users so the platform is fully accessible for learners and instructors alike.

Evidence is necessary for custom eLearning solutions. With Dojo360, your instructors have access to basic reports like attendance and performance on assessments. In addition, they access to reports that detail user performance by question, by date, and by lesson. In addition, each user has an individualized dashboard so instructors can analyze user engagement in real time. This allows for custom eLearning to happen as instructors can see where learners are struggling and provide additional lessons or encouragement as needed. This kind of personalized attention is possible through Dojo360’s rich analytics and diagnostics.

Engagement is possible through Dojo360’s custom eLearning features. Without engaging lessons, it doesn’t matter how much content you put out there for your learners—it must keep their attention long enough for them to absorb the information so they can retain it. With Dojo360, creators can design bite-sized lessons with built-in quizzes using captivating audio, video, and image content to drive user engagement. In addition, Dojo360 provides gamification elements like user badges and leaderboards, along with discussion boards and whiteboarding, to keep learner attention and promote successful understanding. By creating content that is engaging, interactive, fun, and exciting, your learners will be willing and motivated to pursue learning on their own and apply their new knowledge right away. 

What are the benefits of custom eLearning?

eLearning courses offer the most efficient learning opportunities for your students or trainees. They deliver exactly what your learners need to know without wasting time on unnecessary information or skills. You can also conduct targeted assessments so that you can make sure your users have learned exactly what they need to in order to pass each module and each course. The bottom line is, off-the-shelf courses can be a complete waste of time and resources if they don’t fill in the knowledge and skill gaps your users need. Custom eLearning solutions help provide a more relevant and engaging learning experience, resulting in better learning outcomes. Considering the long-term benefits they provide, custom eLearning solutions are here to stay, and Dojo360 will continue to deliver the best platform on the planet.

If you’re ready to begin your journey with custom eLearning solutions, learn more about Dojo360 in detail. You’ll be glad you did.

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