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Creating an eLearning course doesn’t have to be a highly complex feat. Even people without a lot of prior experience in the eLearning industry can create excellent, comprehensive eLearning courses with help from a high-quality learning engagement platform like our Dojo360.

We’re Turning, and we value both student and employee education that is flexible and can be done in hybrid and blended ways - in person, online, or using a combination of both methods. We’ve created Dojo360 to be easily integrated with many of the LMSs your organization may be using, whether you are a company training employees for greater retention or a school teaching students of any age in blended or hybrid classrooms.

How does Turning's e³ philosophy make eLearning course development easier?

Dojo360 uses our e³ philosophy to make online course development effective and flow naturally. With equity, evidence, and engagement, your eLearning courses can cover everything you need for effective learning by your students.

Equity means that all learners, whether in person or online, have equal opportunities for engagement. Using online chat, discussion boards, and both synchronous and asynchronous learning modules, each student can ask a question, participate in a discussion, or collaborate with a classmate whether they are at home, in the classroom, or across the globe. Additionally, Dojo360 conforms to WCAG 2.0 guidelines for accessibility so all students can access the online platform.

Evidence is required so instructors can keep track of all their students, whether they have one small class of 15, hundreds of employee trainees each month, or anything in between. Instructors can track each user’s engagement because Dojo360 records and reports attendance either onsite or remotely. Instructor-level reports and learner dashboards allow you to measure outcomes and drive success throughout your learning program. With this much information on student performance, you can adapt courses quickly and easily based on learner needs.

Engagement is essential for effective learning to happen. Dojo360 acts as an asset manager so you can access and integrate a huge library of photo, video, and graphical assets into presentations. The virtual classroom works well to keep students or corporate trainees engaged throughout each lesson. Dojo360 integrates with any LMS your organization uses. Gamification elements such as badges, leaderboards, and online discussion boards keep students engaged and encourage friendly competition between peers.

How can I prepare an engaging eLearning environment?

Dojo360 is the world’s most flexible learning engagement platform. As an instructor, you know your classroom is made up of more than chairs, desks, and posters. You can’t just stream that on-screen and call it a day. Dojo360 takes your digital classroom as seriously as you take your own, with built-in whiteboarding, assessment tools, breakout rooms, and chat functionality that creates a level of equitable engagement that meets, and can even exceed, that of your traditional classroom. With Dojo360, you can make any presentation remarkable with seamless polling, quizzing, and assessment integrations that keep the attention and engagement as high as your expectations.

The days of teaching, working, and learning all in the same place at the same time are long gone. But just because you have to allow for myriad self-paced individualized instruction doesn’t mean you have to lose control of the collective experience or standards you’ve set. With Dojo360, you can let learners and workers do their thing, on their time, in their way, while still maintaining a sense of equity and consistency. Unleash the power of collective individuality with Dojo360.

By now, you may be ready to find out more about why Dojo360 is the best tool to help you create quality eLearning experiences for your learners. We invite you to explore Dojo360 in further detail to learn more about what it can do for your organization.

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