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Any company would prefer to promote employees from within the organization rather than search for candidates outside the company. This gives employees the feeling that they have the opportunity to grow and advance in the company, which aids in employee retention. The key to successfully promoting from within the company on a regular basis is a quality corporate leadership training program that develops the potential of employees.

We're Turning, and our Dojo360 learning engagement platform was created based on our e³ philosophy of equity, engagement, and evidence. It has everything you need to set up and run an excellent corporate leadership training program for your employees.

What is required of a quality corporate leadership training program?

As your company grows, certain employees will stand out as the best performers. You will begin to notice that there are two types of these “star” performers. First, there is the employee who truly enjoys what they do and who has no desire to do anything else. Second, there is the employee who continues to perform well with the goal of advancing in the company, taking on increasing responsibility, and earning more money.

It is important to target the second type of star employee for your corporate leadership training program rather than the first. Then it's important to evaluate what skills, attitudes, and habits these employees need to develop in order to effectively perform in more advanced positions. Then your trainers go about creating the content that will guide these employees toward these skills and put the training program into effect. Make sure there is room for follow-up and feedback as well as coaching when necessary.

When you set up your leadership training for employees successfully, you will be able to promote more leaders from within the company and they will have the tools they need to be successful. This will result in higher morale throughout the organization and make your company a more desirable place to work.

How to Set Up Successful Corporate Leadership Training for Employees

Dojo360 has everything you need to quickly and easily set up a quality training program for the future leaders of your company. Courses can be created step-by-step, adding content, importing presentations, and embedding multimedia elements like videos from your company's YouTube channel or another URL.

Once the courses are set up, you can assign employees to the appropriate classes by simply dragging and dropping their names from a master list into the course they are to take. You can choose whether classes will be taught live or asynchronously, where employees log on and participate in the training when it is most convenient for them and your company.

Dojo360 offers detailed performance reporting so you know which employees engage with which classes, how often, and how well they perform. With these detailed metrics, you can respond to needs as soon as they arise. If you notice that a particular trainee is having trouble with certain content, you can address that by assigning them to additional training that goes into greater detail or gives them more exposure to the concepts they are struggling with. If you notice that a great number of trainees are struggling with a certain aspect of the training, you may want to take a look at the content and see if it can be made more clear.

Dojo360 even offers gamification elements that foster friendly competition among your employee trainees. They can earn completion and performance badges and get their names on the leaderboard each day to see who is engaging and performing the best. This is a fun way to encourage employee engagement as they learn to be the leaders of tomorrow.

How can I improve our corporate leadership training program?

Dojo360 is a dynamic, easy-to-use learning platform that offers a number of ways to train your employees and track their attendance and performance. To learn more about Dojo360's many training features, book a demo today.

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