Conducting Effective Sensitivity Training for Employees

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While many people associate sensitivity training for employees with part of a corrective action plan following some sort of incident, the truth is that your organization should be offering such a program regularly. Sensitivity training is centered around helping team members recognize their attitudes toward their coworkers and the behaviors that stem from them, including unconscious prejudices and microaggressions that may adversely affect productivity. Every organization can benefit from having a staff that's respectful of colleagues of different backgrounds, but ineffective online sensitivity training can make existing problems worse. Luckily, Turning has created a learning engagement platform for everyone called Dojo360, designed to help your organization with employee sensitivity training and your other e-learning needs. Please continue reading to learn more about what Dojo360 and our e³ philosophy could do for your organization.

Does Sensitivity Training for Employees Provide Any Tangible Benefits?

Employee sensitivity training promotes mutual understanding among team members, facilitating more effective teamwork and boosting productivity. Everyone brings a unique perspective and combining them is often the best way to approach challenging problems. Sensitivity training can also help management understand who their employees are as people, making it easier to motivate workers on a day-to-day basis and identify strong candidates for promotion regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, age, background, religion, or sexual orientation. Online sensitivity training can play a role in your broader upskilling program as well by encouraging employees to practice self-reflection, increase their emotional intelligence, and better understand how to work with people who communicate differently than themselves. Sensitivity training may reduce the amount of litigation related to discrimination and harassment that your organization faces too.

What Is Required for Effective Sensitivity Training for Employees?

Many companies throw together a few PowerPoint slides on how to be less racist and call it sensitivity training for employees, but such passive courses are likely to be resented by the very people they are intended to help. If you want your program to produce results, direct communication between different groups of people is essential. Dojo360 allows you to host live classes directly on our platform, making it easy to bring employees together for an open, honest conversation about your organization's culture. If you have employees who cannot attend, no problem. Dojo360 also records live sessions so that asynchronous learners can access them on-demand and enjoy equity in access to the material.

Online sensitivity training broaches some touchy topics, and some of your employees may benefit from discussing them with managers or colleagues in a 1-on-1 environment. Dojo360 offers breakout rooms with powerful communication features such as video chat and screen sharing to facilitate these private interactions. Instructors can pop in and out as well, so your organization will still be able to keep tabs on the discussion.

Dojo360 also makes it easy to collect evidence on learner progress. The platform automatically tracks attendance for both synchronous and asynchronous learners, allowing you to take action if somebody isn't showing up. Likewise, assessment results are sent directly to sortable dashboards, allowing admins to enroll learners in remedial courses individually or by group if they need extra assistance. Most importantly, Dojo360 facilitates two-way feedback so that learners can share their ideas on how to improve your organization's sensitivity training for employees with their managers. You might be surprised by the ideas they come up with.

How Can I Learn More About Dojo360's Platform?

Online sensitivity training is definitely a situation where good enough training isn't good enough, so you want the best tools available to you. Book a demo today and discover the functionality of Dojo360 for yourself! It could be one of the most important things you ever do for your organization.

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