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Most workplace training programs are mandatory and based on things like compliance requirements or solving a problem that has come up. This type of training is reactive—and sometimes it's unavoidable. But employees who learn in a reactive manner aren't as likely to remember what they learn far beyond the time they use the information, for example, to answer the questions on the compliance exam. That makes all the effort you, as an organization, put into designing the “perfect” training program seem pretty useless. The solution is to create training opportunities for proactive learning. And Dojo360 is the perfect learning engagement platform to help you do so.

What is proactive learning?

Proactive learning refers to a trainee's desire to seek out information. In a proactive environment, a learner actively wants to acquire knowledge, so they look for the relevant material. This interest on their part will keep them more actively engaged in their online training, it will increase their retention of the information they learn, and it will improve their overall performance, which results in a better return on investment for the organization.

Proactive learning is based on rewards for doing well, not negative consequences for failing to answer a question correctly or completing an online training course in the allotted time. Course creators must design experiences for adult learners that are based on an incentive strategy. Dojo360 offers gamification features like completion badges and leaderboards that fulfill this type of public recognition need. There are no “negative” badges, only completion badges and skill badges that employees earn when they take it upon themselves to learn new skills or information.

Proactive learning is practical rather than theoretical. The skills and information learned are of immediately practical value in the employee's world. If an employee in a manufacturing plant wants to learn to work on a new machine, their first step may be to complete the self-paced online training available to everyone at their level. By showing the floor manager they have completed the course, they can then move on to the next step. This way, they will use the skills they have learned in the immediate future and won't forget them.

How can I create content that encourages proactive learning?

Dojo360 allows course creators to embed quiz questions into training modules so that employees can immediately recall information they learned in the previous segment. This helps them retain the information better than if they just took it in. It is a way to use the information practically before moving on to the next bit of information. Creators can review more information with end-of-module quizzes that look back on each segment of the module, once again helping with retention of all the content in the module. Employees can retain the information better and then use it on the job, thus cementing it in their mind for good.

Another important aspect of creating content for proactive learning is that the content a proactive learner wants to access has to be available. Dojo360 can help with that. It is easy to create content with Dojo360's asset manager and presentation creator. You can use all kinds of media to create engaging content and use the user interface to organize it in a logical, pleasing order. By planning out the necessary courses beforehand, you can easily create the content that your employees will be interested in accessing. In addition, if there is a request for content that you haven't yet created, the assets are available so a content creator can easily design a new course in a minimal amount of time.

We're Turning, and we're excited about our Dojo360 learning engagement platform. We invite you to learn more about Dojo360 and how it can bring proactive learning to your training program and how our e³ philosophy can guide it.

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