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Online learning has become a normal part of most students' everyday lives. Whether it's through online only learning or through hybrid classes where some or all of the lessons or assignments are completed online, most students in the US participate in at least some online learning. This started before the pandemic and has become increasingly popular since March of 2020. It's important for educators to keep track of student performance online to make sure they are learning what they need to know. We're Turning, and our learning engagement platform, Dojo360, has everything you need to track student metrics in a variety of ways.

What are student success metrics and why should you track them?

Metrics are measures of quantitative assessment used to assess, compare, and track student performance. When you take attendance in the classroom, you are recording a metric in your record book. When your students are online, taking attendance might be trickier, especially if you have assigned activities that students can complete asynchronously, or on their own time. But still, it is critical to know which students have engaged with which assignments, how long they spent on them, and whether they have successfully completed them.

Metrics can be used to drive excellence in the online classroom. When you have a learning platform that can keep you apprised of the performance of each student on each piece of material they interact with, you can intervene when you see that a student is having trouble comprehending a particular concept. You could choose to provide extra instruction or have them repeat a learning module to gain a more thorough understanding of the material. When you can give students personal attention through detailed metrics, you can achieve excellence in the classroom more effectively and efficiently.

Metrics can also be used to improve course material. If you notice that most or all of your students are struggling with a particular assignment, it could be that the content needs to change to provoke a clearer understanding. With these types of metrics, you can tweak course material as necessary to ensure maximum learning and retention of the information imparted.

How can I use student success metrics in my classroom?

Dojo360 is designed on our e³ philosophy, which comprises equity, engagement, and evidence. Equity means each student has the same learning experience. Engagement means courses are delivered in an interesting way that keeps the students' attention. And evidence means that the instructor is provided with the student success metrics they need to achieve excellence in the classroom.

Dojo360 has a variety of reports, beginning with simple attendance reports. These show instructors at a glance who has engaged with certain material, including a live lesson or an asynchronous, online assignment. Additionally, instructors can look at detailed reports that indicate how many students answered each question on an assessment correctly, and which incorrect answers other students chose. This can inform instructors if they need to review certain content or that the class is on track to move to the next idea.

Instructors can also look at the performance of individual students. These reports show how the student performed on each assignment and how they are doing overall in the class. This gives the instructor the opportunity to make any appropriate interventions to keep individual students on track for successful completion of the course.

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