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Instructors know how to engage learners in a traditional learning setting but may struggle when it comes to online course development. Many instructors don't know how to make the most of their virtual teaching tools, leading to confusion in the classroom or glitches that derail the course entirely. Some also struggle to engage learners, whether they are a class of ninth-graders or a group of employees undergoing compliance training. This can end up making courses feel like a chore for everyone involved.

Luckily, we can help with both problems. We are Turning, educational experts who have been providing learners of all ages and ability levels with active learning engagement since 2002. Our latest project is a learning engagement platform called Dojo360 that's built for everyone, everywhere. It includes all of the course development tools your organization needs to unleash the full potential of your learners. Keep reading for more info.

How Does Online Course Development Differ from Standard Approaches?

The nature of remote learning can make it more difficult to connect with learners on an individualized basis, leading to feelings of isolation. Likewise, learners may require guidance on how to approach self-paced assignments, especially if your course is their first experience with online learning. Your organization needs courses that address these issues directly.

To achieve this, online instructors should share learning objectives so that learners have a clear goal to strive for. This can take the form of a syllabus distributed at the beginning of the course, a flow chart illustrating how concepts taught today relate to those from yesterday and tomorrow, or a simple “main idea” at the beginning of each session. Similarly, instructors should take care to communicate with their learners individually through video chat, email, message boards, or any other tools available to help learners understand that they are not alone. Collaborative work can also be a great way to remind learners that their peers or colleagues are going through the same things they are.

Do I Need Technical Expertise to Implement These Ideas in My Virtual Classroom?

Not if you're using Dojo360! Our platform offers intuitive course development tools that allow instructors to build courses one step at a time. If an instructor has content they want to use on an LMS such as Blackboard or Moodle, Dojo360 can integrate with those systems seamlessly. Instructors can also embed PowerPoint presentations for learners to reference throughout the course and use links to include videos from YouTube, the Dojo library, or anyplace else. Some learners get bored when listening to lectures or watching a video that isn't resonating with them, so instructors can add inline quizzes throughout their courses to promote engagement.

Once a course is ready, you can enroll learners through an easy drag-and-drop interface, either one at a time or by group. You will also receive automatic attendance reports and assessment scores in a sortable dashboard, giving you the evidence you need to take action if an individual learner falls behind.

Dojo360 supports synchronous and asynchronous courses as well. Live online classes include communication features such as built-in video chat and screen sharing capabilities so that learners can collaborate even if they are miles apart geographically. Live breakout rooms even allow instructors to break classes into smaller groups, with the ability to pop in and out of each group to help keep them on track.

All synchronous classes are recorded automatically, allowing asynchronous learners to access them later to ensure equity in education. Self-paced assignments can be distributed at the individual, class, and organizational levels, making it easy to provide personalized learning paths to every learner based on their unique needs. Content on Dojo360 is also mobile-responsive, allowing every learner to access it when and where they please to help them feel like stakeholders in the educational process.

Can I Get a Sneak Peek at These Course Development Tools?

We are confident that our e³ philosophy of equity, evidence, and engagement brings online learning to the next level, but we don't want you to just take our word for it. Instead, book a demo today and experience Dojo360 in action for yourself!

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