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When you imagine a teacher, you probably envision a person standing in front of a traditional classroom. Today, learning looks a little different than that. Teachers and corporate trainers alike are turning to hybrid classrooms that provide them with the ability to teach students locally and remotely with less effort and better results. However, most hybrid classroom setups aren’t equipped to handle all of the tasks that need to be seamlessly integrated so the lesson doesn’t get lost in the mess. Dojo360 is a unique learning engagement platform that provides the best way to manage everything and realize successful learning experiences for all students.

At Turning, we believe education is one of the noblest pursuits, and those who teach deserve every bit of support they can get. Our philosophy is based on a concept we call e³: equity, evidence, and engagement. Dojo360 is designed specifically to fold these qualities into your hybrid classroom. Let’s look at how these concepts play a part in the key components of a great hybrid learning classroom setup.

What Hybrid Classroom Setup Provides the Best Learning Experience?

We think learning in a hybrid classroom should be a complete experience without complexity. The Dojo360 platform revolves around providing educators with robust yet simple technology that you can leverage to create the course of your dreams from a singular point. How do we do that? Good question. There are six vital elements for educators and learners to have a hybrid classroom setup that truly works in their favor:

  1. An intuitive asset manager. 
  2. A straightforward asset manager increases the ability of all educators to build engaging classes. Educators can take advantage of Dojo’s easy-to-integrate library of photo, video, and graphical assets.

  3. A simple way to measure performance. 
  4. From attendance to inline quizzes, it’s easy to measure hybrid classroom student engagement both on-site and remote. Dojo360 tracks everything and can report it back at the individual learner level.

  5. A robust virtual hybrid classroom environment. 
  6. Whether you’re working in higher education or the corporate sphere, giving learners access to an integrated virtual workspace provides equity in education, no matter if your students are with you in the classroom or joining you from home.

  7. Simplified assignment management. 
  8. When you’re able to centrally distribute and manage individual, group, and hybrid work, you can ensure that your learners are on track to complete a course successfully.

  9. Real-time LMS integration. 
  10. With dynamic integration and compatibility with LMS platforms like Blackboard, Google Classroom, Canvas, and others, a Dojo360 hybrid learning classroom setup makes it easy to inject the hybrid classroom experience into your existing learning infrastructure. 

  11. Accessibility. 
  12. Turning is committed to providing equal access for all, so our Dojo360 platform is designed to meet (and even exceed) WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards.

Dojo 360: The Best Hybrid Classroom Setup 

Dojo360 is as appropriate for a corporate learning path as it is for a traditional academic curriculum. It allows you to create interactive, sharable learning experiences such as classes with assessments. Your presentations can include a variety of different interactive elements like quizzes, multimedia, screen sharing, breakout rooms, chat, live results, a virtual whiteboard, and more. You can also reuse and share your content, and it’s easy for you to leverage your existing resources, like PowerPoint and other applications. 

But it doesn’t stop there — we give you the best of both worlds. In addition to fun and engaging courses, Dojo360 also gives you the tools to manage your hybrid classroom’s courses and analyze student performance. We make it easy to set up flipped classrooms and blended learning paths with self-paced assignments and scheduled live classes. We also help you analyze results with instructor-level reports and learner dashboards. By considering every element of the hybrid classroom through the lens of our e³ philosophy, we’ve created a comprehensive solution that we think you’ll love. We invite you to learn more information about Dojo360 and what Turning can do for your hybrid classroom setup.

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