4 Strategies for Online Teaching

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Online teaching did not begin with the pandemic, but it has definitely taken off in a whole new way since the spring of 2020. For educators who are new to distance learning, it can be challenging to know which online teaching techniques work best, or even where to start. We're Turning, and our learning engagement platform, Dojo360, was created with our e³ philosophy, which comprises equity, evidence, and engagement. With these three principles as the focus, Dojo360 makes it easy to design, set up, and run online classes. Dojo360 also has the tools necessary for the kind of interactive learning that is essential in the online classroom.

What are the best strategies for online teaching?

  1. Create interactive, engaging lessons for online teaching
  2. Online teaching is not simply setting up a camera and recording yourself lecturing about the material to be learned. Using a learning engagement platform like Dojo360 gives you the ability to create dynamic lessons that mix vibrant presentations with engaging discussions, inline quizzes, and gamification capabilities. Take advantage of all the technology available and create lessons that your students will find engaging and interesting.

  3. Build a strong classroom community
  4. Classroom unity seems to happen naturally in person, but it must be cultivated purposefully in an online setting. You can foster a classroom team spirit through video chats, small-group breakout sessions, and class message boards. Opening a classroom 10 minutes before the lesson starts allows students to chat with you and each other the way they would in an in-person classroom in the morning. You can also use Dojo360's gamification elements like completion badges and leaderboards to encourage friendly competition between classmates and small groups. This sense of community is essential to keep students meaningfully engaged and for them to see their classmates as a part of their daily life.

  5. Continuously adapt your online classroom
  6. As you teach throughout the year, you will find that your class has a specific personality that makes it unique from another group of students. Be open to adjusting lessons to take advantage of the class's strengths and to build up areas for improvement. If the class seems especially motivated by competition, place a stronger focus on Dojo360's gamification elements to keep them engaged and working to their greatest potential. If the class comes alive during interactive discussions, make good use of this feature as often as possible to encourage each student to share their thoughts and discoveries about the material being studied.

  7. Track student performance and take action when necessary
  8. With Dojo360, you have a variety of ways to track student participation and performance. First, you can take attendance at a glance as well as view a report detailing who has engaged with any asynchronous assignments. You can then easily send out reminders to students who have not completed assignments on time. You can view reports on student performance by student, by quiz, and by individual question. This allows you to react quickly if there is a student who seems to be struggling with certain content. You can easily assign them to an additional learning module that goes into deeper detail on a topic or work with them one-on-one to help them understand a particular concept. When you find that a large percentage of students have struggled with a certain idea or module, you can investigate the course itself to see if it could be edited to make the concepts clearer for students.

How can I implement effective online teaching strategies?

With these strategies in mind, you can build a successful online classroom fit for students of any age and ability level. Dojo360 has many features to help you implement successful online teaching strategies. Book a demo today to see Dojo360 in action and to learn more about how it can benefit your online classroom.

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