What is the purpose of the grant?  The purpose of this grant is to help teachers and trainers develop engaging practices to improve learner outcomes.  As students and workers return to the new normal this fall, places where learning occurs, will look different.

Turning Technology Grants support the three fundamental principles of authentic learning engagement:

  • Equity/Fairness: all learners are afforded equal access and opportunity to engage and excel regardless of environment
  • Evidence/Facts: the commitment and ability to measure engagement, progress, and outcomes empirically
  • Engagement/Fun: recognizing that everybody learns better when it is engaging, interactive, and fun.

By assembling a package of technology-based learning supports, Turning Technology Grants aim to improve outcomes whether learners are in person, online, or both.

Who is eligible to apply?  

  • Grant applications will be accepted from any entity that provides learning opportunities. 
  • Eligibility includes K-12 schools, colleges/universities, businesses, and non-profits.
  • There are no entry fees, and no purchase is required.  

What do recipients receive?  A total of five (5) software package awards, each with a market value of up to $5,000, will be made to chosen grantees.  Each grantee will be able to build their own interactive software package utilizing the following Turning products:

  • Dojo360 
  • Point Solution 
  • Workspace
  • ExamView 

Each grant package is valued at up to $5,000 per award.  With up to 5 awards granted, $25,000 worth of inter active software and digital content is available in the 2021 TurningTechnology Grant program. 

Application and Award Process:
Applications for 2021 Turning Technology Grants can be submitted exclusively on turning.com/2021TechnologyGrants from September 1, 2021 – November 19, 2021.   

All grant applications will reviewed by Turning staff, with up to ten (10) semi-finalist applications selected.  Semi-finalist applications will be put up to a popular vote by Turning users and followers as the final step in selecting up to five (5) final awards.    

All grant applications must be electronically submitted by 11:59pm EST on November 19,2021 to be eligible for consideration.  

Up to ten(10) semi-finalists will be announced by December 1, 2021.  Popular vote for up to five (5) final awards will conclude on December 31, 2021.  Awards will be announced on or before January 7, 2022, and recipients will be notified via email.  Upon receipt of assurances related to implementation, the grant package will be released to the individual and organization address listed on the grant application.

Assurances:  Upon receipt of notification of award, individuals will be emailed an assurance form to be signed assuring that:

  • The award will be used at the organization and in the manner described in the application. 
  • That individuals in charge support the implementation of this award as described in the application.
  • A short summary evaluation will be submitted in Fall 2022 summarizing implementation of the award.  Evaluation form will be sent to award winners.  

Any questions can be directed to John Wilson at jwilson@turning.com  or (330)599-4954

Please include all information requested. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
Please set aside 20-30 minutes for application process